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This department was originally formed to lend project advisory services to the various operating divisions of Intercol. Its mandate is to identify projects in synergy with Intercolís divisional activities, to evaluate a projectís full potential, and to make it a reality, either as an extension of an operating divisionís activities or as a separate joint venture.

Intercolís team of financial and marketing professionals lends its expertise to all aspects of any project, playing the role of developer, reliable process technology identifier and/or project manager.

Besides identifying market opportunities and assisting in developing appropriate marketing strategies, Intercol provides advice on local customs, laws and regulations which are critical to the success of any venture. Additionally, close contacts are kept with key government bodies and ministries to ensure all administrative details are handled with experience and efficiency.

Joint ventures are structured either through direct equity holdings or with management participation. Nevertheless, whether as a partner, sponsor or as a distributor, Intercol has the willingness and capability to help any company to establish an effective and profitable presence in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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