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Founded by the late Ali Abdul Rahman Alwazzan and Sadiq Mohammad Al Baharna in 1957, Intercol is today managed by Abdul Rahman Ali Alwazzan and Sadiq Mohammad Al Baharna,highly respected members of Bahrain’s business community who hold directorships in prominent business houses and whose business acumen is held in high regard by both government and international business executives.

From the outset the founders foresaw that expansion and growth of the business necessitated expansion into areas peripheral to shipping, hence the move into insurance, clearing and forwarding and consumer products. As time passed, building on the company’s existing experience was seen as the way forward but only once the directors and managers had confirmed that this was being undertaken in a planned manner that ensured the continued financial stability of the company.

Intercol is today, one of the Kingdom’s most highly respected conglomerates. But, as always, with a clear vision of where they wish the company to go, the directors are preparing the ground for the future by grooming the younger generation to participate fully in the company’s activities so they may take over in the years to come with a deep knowledge of every aspect of the underlying business.


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