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Life Insurance Corporation (International) B.S.C.(C) was incorporated as a joint venture between Intercol and the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) on the 23rd of July 1989. This venture resulted from Intercolís decision to diversify into the life insurance sector after thirty-five years in the general assurance industry. LIC (International) in Bahrain has the unique distinction of being the first independent overseas office of LIC. It now operates in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and Qatar whilst continuously seeking customers in other countries through direct marketing campaigns.  

As the largest life insurance company in South East Asia, LIC currently conducts business annually in excess of US$ 135 billion and underwrites more than 38 million individual policies annually. Today, LIC is a multidimensional organization transacting life insurance, group insurance,social security pensions, mutual funds, housing developments, microinsurance,bank assurance and unit-linked policies. LIC (International) offers life insurance policies, health insurance plans, pension plans and assists non-resident Indians to obtain housing loans through LIC Housing Finance Ltd.

LIC (International) managers in Bahrain work in close association with Intercolís management. In 2007, LIC was given the license to offer insurance products to residents of Bahrain of all nationalities. Over the years, LIC has deeply embodied wisdom in its service. Promoting life insurance products is much more than a business proposition - it is a lifelong commitment shared with its customers and their loved ones as they secure their future ahead.



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