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Home to International Agencies Co. Ltd. (Intercol), the Kingdom of Bahrain is a group of low-lying islands at the heart of the Arabian Gulf close to the coast of Saudi Arabia, to which it is linked by a 27-kilometre causeway.

The first place in the Gulf to discover oil, Bahrain is today a thoroughly modern country with a well-diversified economic base. Home to the world’s largest aluminium smelter outside of Eastern Europe and enjoying the status of the ‘Financial Centre of the Middle East’, the country has in recent years become a major regional centre for tourism, hosting the first ever Formula 1 Motor Racing Grand Prix in the Middle East in April 2004.

Pressing ahead with democratic reform, the government pursues an ambitious programme of social and economic development with the active involvement of the private sector. Liberalised telecommunications; a constantly growing banking and financial sector; increasing commercial, financial and tourist facilities, further industrial ventures, often with world-scale partners and an increasing presence of multi-national corporations all combine to create a vibrant economy well able to satisfy the demands of a growing local and regional population.

Bahrain’s attainment of sustainable development and pre-eminence in the region could not have been possible without the involvement and professionalism of local companies, among which Intercol is an undisputed leader.


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