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Air Conditioning Refrigeration

The Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Division (ARD) is one of the newest divisions of the Intercol group, though it has been associated with Marine Air Conditioning and Mobile Refrigeration since the early 1980ís.

In 2003, with a vision to expand into the construction industry, Intercol set up the fully-fledged ARD division to focus on specialized projects pertaining to its field. Today, it is the fastest growing division of Intercol with independent infrastructure and operations. Since its inception,ARD has enlisted a team of young, qualified and experienced engineers, as well as skilled technical personnel that provide total solutions for cooling systems; from the designing, planning and the execution and completion of such projects. ARD has completed projects for varied clientele in prestigious office complexes, retail outlets, luxury villas, commercial buildings, shopping malls, warehouses and industrial complexes.For thermoking info:-


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